Development Has no Political Party-Francis Wache

The remark was made by Mayor Francis Wache during his home coming visit to Buea on April 10, 2016, in which he rallied the Noni people, urging them to remember their roots and to put the development of Noni above party politics.

In his speech, Mayor Wache said he laid partisan politics to rest after the 2013 election and since then, has been working for the good and development of Noni as a whole. In the Mayors words, ‘I have created my party, the NDP Noni Development Party. In line with developing Noni, the mayor made a clarion call, urging the Noni people to bring back all developmental strategies and experiences garnered from their stay out of Noni so that when they ultimately return home to spend their last days, they can always look back with satisfaction at what they did for their homeland. Amongst some of the projects that are being masterminded by the Noni council, are that of electrifying Djottin with funding to be provided by the World Bank, The Lassin electrification project to be funded by African Development Bank, A Community radio, alongside many road projects to enhance movement in the municipality.

The Noni community in Buea pledged their support to their mayor’s road, electrification and other projects, urging other Noni people to keep aside party politicking and instead use their energies to develop their homeland. It was suggested that the mayor in his road projects should agree to work with other councils on a win-win road network that will open up the area. The people also regretted that schools have been created by the government but with no classrooms, forcing the burden on the parents and local community. On the electrification projects that the Noni council has engaged in, suggestions from Buea were that they mayor and the council should look for its own electricity source like maing use of its waterfall, biomass energy and other energy sources in order to curb dependency on the national grid that has become very unreliable.

To ensure sustainable development in Noni, it was strongly advised that the Mayor should do everything within his power to unite the people back at home. This, they explain is because the people have long been seeing their selves as belonging to one particular village or the other, which is bad the development of Noni as a whole. Similar to the unity problem back in Noni, was that faced by the Noni community in Buea. The case of Buea was quickly intervened and solved by the Mayor in what he called a municipal decree appointing the leaders of his people in Buea with Frederick Mbongku at the head.

Francis Wache has lived in Buea for over three decades as a media practitioner and his visit to Buea was a conclusive tour that he has been making to Noni Communities living in the diaspora. The People maintained that they are ready to celebrate Wache’s achievements, noting that under his leadership, Noni has achieved a lot in terms of developmental projects more than what other regimes have had to offer the people. In their representatives words,”As a journalist, the Noni people celebrated your writings and frankness…we are still ready to celebrate you as a father of development and we want your name to be engraved in the Noni hall of fame”.




Author: achablah

I am a Student Journalist in the University of Buea

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