Bretton Woods Approves 70 Billion For Maternal Health

In order to improve the health services of mother and child in Cameroon, Bretton Woods Institution administrators recently approved FCFA 70 billion funds to finance the project.

According to a World Bank communiqué, the fund includes a loan of FCFA 55 billion from the International Development Association, IDA, the concessional one-stop shop of the World Bank; and a donation of about FCFA 14.8 billion provided by the Fiduciary Fund of the Global Financing Facility, GFF.

The first phase of the project will cover 36 Districts of Northern Cameroon; targeting women, adolescents and children under five, as well as the displaced population and refugees affected by insecurity in the area. The project focuses on two components, which are enhancing the provision of health services and institution building to improve the results of the health system.


Author: achablah

I am a Student Journalist in the University of Buea

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