Uber in Race for Driverless Cars

One of Uber’s eventual goals is an end to car ownership and it’s wasting no time in fighting to achieve its set goals.


Uber’s goal is to be to be able to summon a car, making it arrive in less than five minutes, and carry you where you want to go.

In main cities Uber’s just about to hit that goal. As the company estimates, the average time for being picked up by an Uber is less than five minutes. The company began a scheme that gave all residents in a small San Francisco community $100 every month to spend on Uber.

Uber’s big inconvenience is the fact it needs drivers, and so this line of research is about eradicating that final piece of the puzzle to boost profits even more.

Uber also has a rival ride-sharing service Lyft announced a tie-up with Chevrolet to use autonomous driving as well, but it’s Uber that appears unrelenting in its goal to be the dominant force in global ground travel

In its statement Uber, said real world testing was critical to their efforts to develop self-driving technology, and explained that a trained driver was still monitoring operations in the car at all times.

The firm has also recently joined an alliance with Google and several car makers to help steer the regulations needed to make self-drive cars a reality.

Together with Ford, Volvo and Lyft, they aim to lobby lawmakers and regulators on some of the legal barriers that would need to be altered before driverless cars could ply the roads.